Written by Sara Macauley 


No matter how much money people have, making a large pay check doesn’t compare to ultimate happiness. Many people hate their jobs because they aren’t passionate about what they do. There’s no worse feeling than despising a career and ultimately, life. This hatred can cause stress and problems in your relationships, so let’s talk about how to change your mindset.

Follow Your Passion and Not The Money
Money is a powerful thing, it enables us to buy the things we want, which as a result, makes us temporarily happier. If you’ve ever received sufficient funds, you’ll appreciate that a full bank account can give you more power and control in your life.

However, this mindset can be problematic as it leads many people to follow a path dedicated to the pursuit of money, rather than happiness. They acquire a taste for possessions and continue to want more and more, the more you obtain the more money you need to maintain. But in order to increase your earnings, you have to take on more pressure and completely set aside any other interests and passions.

People who chase careers because of money aren’t always happy. If you spend most of your life working, you may end of living to work not working to live. It’s easy to become blinded by money and inevitably end up following the paper trail wherever it leads, the ensuing success can certainly give a feeling of happiness, even contentment, but with no balance, is it just temporary high?

You shouldn’t let anything extinguish your passions. Remember all your aspirations when you were younger. Are you still being true to yourself? In order to be the happiest you can possibly be in your lifetime, you have to be pursuing things that add value to your life or at the very least learn to strike a balance.

When you follow your passion or find a balance, even pulling an 8-5, 5 days a week (let’s not get started on the commute), you look forward to waking up every day. You truly care about how you spend your time, and your existence is meaningful. Money can be taken away from you at any time, and you’ll be left with nothing. But if you’re building a career and relishing in hobbies that warm your soul, that can never be taken away from you.

WRITTEN BY Sara Macauley