The power of plants to ease our stress and boost our mood is well known and anyone would be hard pressed to find a lovelier way of improving both their mental health and their environment than by surrounding themselves with some of these amazing flowers and plants.


For calm and easing of anxiety
Lavender is one of the most effective remedies for soothing stress, promoting relaxation, and reducing the associated effects of anxiety such as disturbed sleep, restlessness, and agitation. One of the benefits of lavender is its ability to soothe without sedating, making it a great first aid for moments of heightened stress
or worry. Jasmine flowers also contain calming and sleep-promoting properties, with their gentle sweet aroma they can be used to complement lavender, or on their own, to help with that all-important restorative: sleep.

Chrysanthemum tea has been shown to lessen symptoms of worry and stress, with the effect of actually cooling and relaxing the body. Or, to simply lighten your mood by brightening your surroundings and purifying the air, why not bring a bouquet of these beautiful flowers into your home or work.

For focus and energy
Carnations: When it comes to raising productivity, without the cortisol levels, a bunch of these stunning red blooms can energize any environment. Associated with commitment, these are ideal flowers for focusing that energy and committing to the job at hand, whatever that may be.

Peace Lily: A plant whose beauty is matched by its resilience, the peace lily is an energizing addition to the home or office that provides a number of benefits. As well as being an attractive and hardy plant, this plant is known to remove toxins from the air, breaking down and neutralizing a number of gases including carbon monoxide

For creativity
The cypress vine: This star-shaped, aromatic flower combines the scent from its leaves as well as its petals to
create a beautiful aroma that can ignite and enhance creativity while increasing alertness and focus. It can be a challenging plant, as the vines are fast growing, requiring care to prevent overgrowth.

Snake Plant : Not necessarily a flower, but beautiful nonetheless, this plant is native to tropical West Africa and has long been associated with transformation and mediation. This plant is also an effective air purifier, ridding the indoor environment of toxic gasses.