Written by Sara Macauley : Photographs by CoffeeAndMilk


When it comes to a heatwave, it’s fair to say that this glorious, bustling city which we call home isn’t particularly equipped to manage. With temperatures in England this year reaching as high as 33 degrees Celsius, commuters on packed tubes, buses and pavements are all but melted, and unfortunately for our selfie game, so is our makeup. “Is it even possible to make a full face of makeup last during the scorching summer days?” we hear you cry. Well, we’ve done some research and it turns out, it is. With a bit of forward planning and resisting the urge to swipe at your sweaty face with a tissue, you can make your makeup last a lot longer than you’d expect. Here’s how:


PRIMER – The key to making any make-up stay put in adverse conditions is preparation, and that means using a product that’s literally designed to make your carefully applied base stay in place. When it comes to primers, knowing your skin type is key. If you suffer from naturally dry skin and your make-up turns patchy in the warmest of breezes, then you’ll need to arm yourself with a moisturising primer like Hangover RX Replenishing Face Primer from Too Faced. It’s nourishing, hydrating qualities will make sure your base looks bright AND stays in place. If the heat makes your face oilier than ever, then you’re looking for a primer with silicone, (a synthetic material known for it’s resistance to heat). When it comes to silicone-based primers, Smashbox Pore Minimising Photo Finish Primer is just the ticket.


COOLING SPRAY – There’s nothing quite as nice as a cool mist on your face when your face is feeling hotter than the sun itself. Thanks to modern developments in make-up technology, we’ve come a long way from using that canister of Evian face spray your mum always used to pack on summer holidays. Cooling sprays have had an upgrade, and Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater is the perfect example of a simple, yet effective facial spray. This product is multi-functional so will take up less space in your beauty bag, as it can be used as a toner, sprayed in your day or night creams for a hydrating boost, or misted over the skin as a glow-inducing pick me up for tired make-up.



TECHNIQUE – When you want your foundation to have real longevity, it’s important to think about the way you’re applying the product. Using a small amount of product, first blot your foundation onto the skin with your brush or beauty blender using a dabbing motion, then repeat with another thin layer. The same goes for powder – swiping it on top of the foundation can disrupt your perfectly applied base layer. Much like adding a scarf and hat to your outfit in the cool depths of winter, in the summer heat it’s important to layer your foundation and powder for it to go the distance.


OIL CONTROL –  No matter how much effort and preparation you put into your makeup application, in the unusual heatwave the UK is currently experiencing, you’re bound to get some shininess. The T-zone is usually the area most susceptible to oiliness because it has the highest amount of oil glands out of all areas on the face. When this happens, it’s all about damage control. Instead of piling more powder on top, which can lead to a creasing and a cakey-look, it’s best to touch up your existing makeup with an oil absorbing sheet. These are cheap, portable little sheets of paper that will blot up any excess oil on your face and have your makeup looking brand spanking new in no time.



SETTING SPRAY – The pièce de résistance in your makeup arsenal this summer should be a hardworking setting spray. Misted all over your face once you’ve applied your makeup, setting sprays are designed to make your makeup budge-proof. The amount of product you use depends on the brand, but usually a few sprays are enough to make sure your carefully created makeup look lasts right through from the work day to the after-work drinks.


Urban Decay’s All Nighter is a crowd pleaser, completely vegan and a complete steal at only £24.
So there you have it, all the tips you need to make sure your makeup stays firmly in it’s place during this spontaneous British heatwave.Go forth smug in the knowledge that even if you feel like you’re melting into a puddle, your makeup looks much fresher than you feel.

WRITTEN BY Sara Macauley