As we know, the London music scene is an ever-vibrant one with established artists crowding out venues city-wide. But the good music doesn’t stop there, with its constantly evolving, fledgling bands. Some of these are going to fall under the quality radar – but there are also some who are definitely deserving of your time and attention as a music aficionado.

Take Bakar, for example. This week we are going to look at a London-raised boy who is now an up and coming, hotly unique artist who has taken the rock scene of London by storm. With ever-popular surge of grime artists spilling out across London and threatening anarchy, the safety of the rock and roll scene is looking slightly perilous. This genre prides itself on having diverse voices, and yet it’s looking slightly….well…slightly stale. Put bluntly – London is in dire need of raw talent. Enter Bakar, stage left.

Rather refreshingly, Bakar has not made his name through the over-saturation of social media, like so many aspiring artists these days. For him, the way to success started on SoundCloud and has gone right back to its roots by using the same techniques as the rock stars of old – providing quality music to the right audience who listened and passed it on. They have taken his name and made it big. And it’s getting bigger.

You can’t put a precise label on the genre of music Bakar produces. It’s an eclectic mix of a hip-hop, poetic delivery of soul, the spoken-word and indie rock all drawn through the attitude of punk. It sweeps old norms clear out of its way, bringing a highly talented, fresh-faced artist to the fore.

He first made an appearance with his self-released debut Badkid last year. This mixtape is a product of eighteen months of self-reflection and exploration in a tiny London studio. Recalling the last few years of his life, his work is heavily influenced by a mix of his creative desires, previous failed relationships and flourishing new ones. He doesn’t shy away from the tougher topics. And therefore – this rich debut does not disappoint. By putting vocals over guitar riffs from bands like Bombay Cycle Club, Bakar taught himself how to take his music even further into the rock genre and, dare I say it, even do a bit of genre-bending with his miraculous confidence. That’s how fresh this guy is.

Over the last twelve months, Bakar has performed songs like Scott Free, Big Dreams (which he took to the cult, Berlin music series Colors) and BADlands with its streetwise energy which has encouraged the deep-divers of Spotify to his sounds. He also comes highly recommended by artists such as Virgil Abloh, Skepta and Elton John, that doyen of easy rock, which is no mean feat.

Check out for tickets to see this innovative artist – and in the meantime, get a flavour of his music here: