If the idea of quirky bars in London excites you, we’ve found an array of the best ones to visit. From Victorian-themed venues to prison-inspired cocktails, there’s nowhere else on earth you can discover such unique themes.

Weird and Wonderful Bars in London

1. The Victorian Bath House

The next time you’re venturing in London and searching for a unique bar, head for The Victorian Bath House, which will transport you to the 19th century. Nestled in a churchyard, this was once a Turkish bath house and is now a combination of a bar, restaurant and event venue.

The Victorian Bath House boasts a food and drink menu that’s inspired by the Victorian period with extra creativity and skill from London’s top chefs and bartenders. Its interior is lavish and vintage with dim lights, cosy fireplaces and decorations inspired by the times back then.

2. Alcatraz: Prison Cocktail Bar

Alcatraz is next on the list of weird and wonderful bars in London. As the name suggests, this bar is inspired by prison from the moment you enter the premises. With rooms designed to resemble prison cells, you’ll sit amongst friends while get the feeling of being an inmate.

The best feature of this bar is its menu. Unlike traditional London bars, it doesn’t have a set cocktail menu, and instead, you’re encouraged to “smuggle” in liquor with for a Warden worker to then create a unique drink for you. Be careful the Warden doesn’t catch you sneaking in drinks or it’ll be classed as contraband and confiscated.

Don’t worry about getting dressed up either, as all guests are invited to wear illuminous orange outfits to replicate inmates.

3. Barrio Soho

This beach-style bar is exciting and radiating with character. Throughout every inch, there’s a tropical vibe that makes you feel like you’re in a different country in the middle of summer. The decorations are playful with greenery and park benches to replicate the outdoors.

Make sure you head to the section with a retro-style caravan you can openly sit in and sip delicious cocktails. No matter your occasion for visiting Barrio Soho, the staff will cater to your needs. Perhaps you’d like to hire a private space to throw a party. In which case, expect make-up artists, photo booths, projectors, DJs, dancers and more.

There’s a multitude of weird and wonderful bars in London, but we wanted to share the top three. Which quirky bars would make your top three?