Photo: Gemma Ruegg, holding her baby with her training partner Paula Buckmaster and her professional boxing trainer husband Danny Ruegg.

Most mums are advised to take it easy after giving birth especially in regards to strenuous activity.

The official Baby Centre website advises mums to “keep it gentle” as giving birth can affect a mothers body for “several months after childbirth” and that “high-impact activity” should be avoided.

But Gemma Ruegg is not most mums.

A fact that is obvious when you consider she is preparing to step into the boxing ring just 9 WEEKS after giving birth and was at the gym training two days after getting back from the hospital.

Part of the reason that Gemma says she was able to go back to training so soon was because she never stopped training during her pregnancy believing that fitness is a great to help your body recover. But she says not just the physical fitness side but also the for mums mental health. ” Mums are vulnerable after birth and could suffer from post natal depression but I think working out 3 times a week for an hour help keeps that at bay helping us cope better as mums and adjusting to our new lives.”

When asked about her training Gemma says

“I had my baby on Sunday and I felt comfortable enough to do a circuits session on the Tuesday. I slowly increased the pace over the next week and was running the Monday after. Within 2 weeks I felt strong enough to start sparring again and increase my work rate, training 5 days a week.”

Gemma’s opponent is seasoned fighter Gemma Marten and they will be battling for the Queensbury Boxing League Regional Welterweight Title

In addition to her training and looking after her family Gemma runs a successful sportswear company called Combat Dollies that makes fitness apparel especially for women and includes clothing that can be worn during pregnancy.

When asked if she has any advice for women who wish to train during or after their pregnancy Gemma says “Get the all clear from their GP and take it slowly. Listen to your bodies but don’t be afraid to push yourselves.”

Gemma will be fighting at the Queensbury Boxing League: Take No Prisoners will be held at Epsom Downs Racecourses in Surrey on the 7th of September 2019.