Caia Fallowfield, Putney has shaved her head to raise funds and awareness in support the refugees of Calais and Dunkirk after she spent time volunteering with them.

She said: “When the Calais Jungle was evicted in October 2016, the majority of the people living there went to temporary State Accommodation Centres, but many of the people who lived there went missing.

“Having been dispersed across France, many of the ex-Jungle population have returned to Calais and more people are still arriving and therefore there is still a great need for aid.

“Similarly, the la Linière Camp in Dunkirk had over 1,000 people living there and due to a fire and subsequent eviction in April 2017, the people living there lost their homes.

“However, like Calais, the Dunkirk Community has stayed rooted in the same location and has continued to grow into a new, unofficial settlement.

“Words can never fully express what it has been like here and how unbelievably amazing the people we work with are. Whilst here, I’ve mainly worked in the Dunkirk ‘Grande-Synthe’ camp which predominantly consists of a large Iraqi Kurdish community.

“There are around 700+ people residing in this camp, living in horrifically squalid conditions

“Many already have family there (for some it the only family they have left in the world) but for others, their asylum claims have been consistently denied in other European countries so the UK is another stop in their search for refuge.

“On the day I shaved my head, the largest camp that we support in Dunkirk was evicted by the police.Since then we have worked around the clock trying to mitigate the impact of this eviction, finding new distributions points, redistributing basic items (tents, sleeping bags, hygiene, clothes, serving food in an unknown and unstable environment.”

So far Caia has raised almost £5,000. For more information visit her fundraising page: