Oh, beloved winter, you’ve arrived at last! Our languid summer days are over. And, yes, we know that you may bring rain, snow, sleet, driving winds and shorter days, but there is also so much to love about this time of year. Don’t succumb to seasonal affective disorder—grab your significant other and indulge in a winter date night.

The combination of the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and what you do together is what makes a date special. Don’t let the winter months snatch that away from you. No Grinch to be found here! A roaring fire at home with a glass of mulled wine in your hand is cosy to snuggle into, but if you branch out a bit you’ll find plenty of great winter date ideas to make you fall in love all over again.

Ice skating
This seasonal delight will make your date a sparkling one. Try, if you can, to check out Somerset House. This Fortum & Mason sponsored rink has been dubbed ‘London’s most beautiful ice rink’ and caters for all levels of skaters, right through from total beginners to the most experienced. Skating round hand in hand with your intended, executing your impressively perfect moves, is an oh-so-romantic vision.

Christmas in the kitchen
Get up close and personal in the kitchen to make some yummy winter treats. A gingerbread house is the classic winter staple. You can make the biscuits from scratch, but if you aren’t a confident chef then there are no judgments on buying pre-made gingerbread from a shop-bought kit. The important part is the construction—lovingly sculpture to make your house a home, with frosted window dressings and hard sugar decorations to create a winter garden. Once you’re done with baking, how about making some cocoa? We don’t mean grabbing a tin and shaking it over a mug, we mean making it from scratch. This warm chocolate beverage is surprisingly simple to make and you probably already have the ingredients in your store cupboard. Add your own twist, be it liqueur or cinnamon, and enjoy the sweet treat while cuddling up to your partner with your homemade gingerbread house.

A ‘power’s-out’ date night
The power does not actually have to be out to make this date night work, but if it is, this may be the plan that saves your sanity. Cut the lights and avoid appliances in favour of a candlelit room, just perfect for enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company. Cuddle up to your partner, order a takeaway and relax inside, knowing that you’re safe from the elements.

Go antiquing or thrifting
You can fit a lot of laughs into a date spent thrifting. There are always unusual items on sale at antique and second-hand shops, not to mention the auctions. A top tip for the best fun is to choose somewhere that doesn’t organise the merchandise. Hunting and gathering may take a little longer to find worthwhile items, but it’s so much more satisfying when you do!
By Sarah Haynes

Dancing and dating
Dancing has been part of mating rituals for centuries, being a tried and tested method of attracting partners. We may have evolved beyond having dancing as an essential part of our courtships, but it still remains a powerful emotional tool. Going to a dance class with your partner gives you both the chance to wow each other with your enticing moves and loosen up those limbs at the same time. If you’d rather have a more personal experience, you can always book a private lesson with your partner to make it about just the two of you.