Content Management

Good, relevant, well written words can translate directly into income, as well as repeat traffic to your site and ultimately form the bedrock of consumer confidence.
So, what are ‘good words’?
As Aldous Huxley once said: “Words can be like x-rays if you use them properly – they’ll go throughanything, read and you’re pierced.” A powerful statement and accurate. Professional, well writtencopy will use carefully chosen words to demonstrate the strengths of your business. The old adage‘quality not quantity’ is paramount here, which is why you need expertly written website content.
Now that we have the words, how do we use them? What’s the secret behind persuasive content writing?
Firstly, giving it to the experts who will know their stuff.

There are all kinds of things that go into good, effective written content:

  • Deep and comprehensive understanding of the relevant brand/s.
  • An intimate knowledge of the marketplace conditions. Where are you sitting in terms of
  • How can your website promote your business above others?
  • Being very careful with the website content that you use. It’s imperative to really know what
    you’re writing about, to sound authoritative and inspire trust among potential customers.
  • Finding a USP if possible.

I already have website content, why do I need more?

An overhaul of existing content is often as important as creating copy for a new-build. You can be happy with your structural content, but the prose itself might need a re-vamp. There doesn’t have to be much change; even a slight alteration can take your website content from ‘fine’ to having ultra-engaging copy which keeps hold of customer interest and promotes client spending.

Proof reading

The words may be written, but the work doesn’t stop there.It’s vital to ensure that the copy is totally error-free and reads smoothly and succinctly. Spelling and grammar mistakes imply a lower standard of work and flaws within the written content will deter potential customers. An experienced proof reader will make sure that all the spelling and grammar is correct throughout the piece, that the sentence structure is optimised for the target audience and that the copy flows
well to keep your readers engaged.

If you would like help with content for your website or would like your content proof read, email us