Crowd Funding

A popular method of raising money, crowd funding exploded onto the money market in the early 2000s as a new way of funding usually high cost, worthy ventures or projects. In this age of relative loan austerity, the success of crowd funding has meant that it’s gained popularity across several different spheres.
The basic premise is that a wide network of people are all invited to give a small amount – typically via the internet – to result in a much larger sum for the stated venture/project.

Why use crowd funding?

It’s an innovative method of raising money, it encourages viral sharing as the more people contribute, the more people contribute. It’s also relatively low risk, it allows funding for single projects or ventures and progress can be tracked easily and regularly, plus it cuts high interest rates out of the situation. With hardly any red tape, it’s easier to set up and provides a more straightforward way of fundraising.

What would you use crowd funding for?

  • Business Financing
  • Corporate Fundraising
  • Corporate Fundraising
  • Creative project financing
  • Charity Fundraising
  • Medical attention Fundraising
  • Mechanics for crowd funding
  • Project selection with clear aims and outcomes, initial set up costs can be deducted from raised funds.
  • A realistic funding target with transparency about how much is needed and where it will be going.
  • A wide network of friends, family, employees, colleagues , social media and general contacts to kick start the process.
  • A crowd funding platform for the campaign management, social media management and a press release service
  • Time- a minimum period of 2 months is required to build the momentum, so advance planning is key , the more money required, the more time it may take.

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