Data Sourcing

Telemarketing and Mail Marketing Lists

Retaining existing clients is always good, but to get - and stay ahead of - the crowd, a business will need ever-present means of generating fresh sales leads in the first instance to find new customers.
Using professional data sourcing will mean less time spent preparing and more valuable time building up the client base, as well as helping to create an awareness of market capabilities, which in turn will drive consumer interest in their products and services.

Business (B2B) and Consumer (B2C) marketing lists can be used for various marketing methods, including email, telemarketing and postal projects across all vertical markets and marketing channels. These lists will augment the growth and promotion of company services and products through the intelligence gathered. Data lists will be screened and targeted according to their intended use, and it’s worth noting that all data lists provided will be cleansed and fully GDPR compliant.
Telemarketing and mail marketing data (B2C).

What can be expected?

From the Electoral Roll, initial information can be gathered from approximately 22 million records. Working from these, it’s possible to get the relevant intelligence across the following factors to create targeted mail marketing data lists:

  • Income
  • The number of resident children
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Employment and marital status
  • Level of affluence

If required, it’s also possible to cross-match these files against other B2C files to reveal further details such as landline phone numbers and more in-depth variables. Using this extra information can directly convert more data leads into company sales.
Telemarketing and mail marketing data (B2B)

What can be expected?

Information to create these targeted data lists can be pulled from various existing lists and databases, such as the UK Business Universe Database. This uses a combination of established marketing companies, Thomson and Yell for example, to reach more than 4 million potential consumers.
Where will the information come from?
Results from databases like this will be collated from telephone interviews, industry publications and online research.
The information that can be pulled for B2B telemarketing and mail marketing includes specifics around:

  • The company type, industry and size
  • The contact type – email/post/mobile
  • Details of particular companies, such as an analysis of relevant figures, e.g. numbers of mobile phones, computers and company cars.
  • Individual, expertly targeted and responsive data profiling is crucial for maximum business success.

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