Working in an office can be uncomfortable at the best of times. With humid city temperatures and general thoughts of “I’m sick of working and not sunbathing on a tropical beach” buzzing round our heads, is it any wonder why we dream of escapism? Let’s face it, there’s only so many times we can get away with the standard black pencil skirt and white blouse look in the blazing heat before it starts to become as predictable as that 6:30am alarm each morning. With that notion in mind, it’s about time we mixed up the style stakes a touch. Here are four quick, simple and affordable ways to surprise your co-workers with some on-trend style hacks for summer.
TRY CULOTTES OR CITY SHORTS For a chic alternative to trousers, pair a timeless blouse with some black high-waisted culottes, or why not try a striped pair to lengthen the legs? For tailored city shorts, go with light fabrics that will keep you feeling cooler for longer. Linen, cotton and chiffon are ideal choices rather than denim, suede and leather which are much more restrictive to wear against the skin. Summer Style Tip: Remember that pastel colours will emphasise your glowing summer tan. Style up your culottes or city shorts with minimalist jewellery and some classic court shoes. Finish off with a coffee-brown or tan leather handbag for the ultimate highflyer look. ADD A VINTAGE TWIST Swap your usual tote for a vintage backpack. Opt for smart, soft leather styles with unique detailing, and tie a silk scarf around the handles to totally nail seventies chic. Accessorise with some retro brooches and pins to show off your personality at the office. Try Punky Pins for some kitsch laser-cut jewellery, or head to specialist antique shops to discover more embellished pieces. Get yourself some eighties headphones for your morning commute if you really want to make a cool style statement this summer.
WORK THE CUTAWAY TREND Clothing with cutaway features, such as geometrical shapes around the oblique areas or off-the-shoulder tops make office wear so much more breathable in the hot weather. Try simple shift dresses with subtle thigh splits or cut-out back detailing. You can also find tops with bardot or sweetheart necklines for a casual but oh so glamourous look. Choose pieces that only reveal a sneak peek of your legs, shoulders, back or stomach as these cuts will help you to show off your best features wisely.
GO ANDROGYNOUS Borrow from the boyfriend’s wardrobe and grab yourself some baggy t-shirts, shirts and jackets to mix up the 9 to 5 every week. Summer Style Tip: Be sure to balance out your silhouette with some fitted bottoms like high-rise black skinny jeans or a smart pencil skirt. Dress up an oversized white shirt by cinching in your waist with a slimline patent belt, or accentuate your neckline with a statement pendant. Dress down your fave summer suit with trainers if you’re on your feet all day. Adidas Stan Smith trainers or classic hightop Converse are both trendy choices for any business pro looking to work the smart-casual look throughout SS/16.