to Laser Cutting Written By Ruth MacGilp Luxury design houses like Tom Ford, Julien Macdonald, Iris Van Herpen and Holly Fulton regularly look to laser cutting for a unique twist on their high fashion collections. Since this artisan technique has grown, lots of smaller independent brands are now exploiting this technology to create their own innovative designs.

WHAT IS LASER CUTTING? Laser cutting involves the cutting or engraving of materials with the output of a high-powered laser. Everything from perspex to wood, leather and paper can be transformed into a modern piece of laser-cut art. The finished result is intricate, highly precise, and it’s a degree of accuracy that only a large high-tech machine can produce. This process used to be confined to large scale industrial use, but has now become more accessible for smaller brands, schools and hobbyists to practice.
JEWELLERY ROSA PIETSCH South London based Rosa Pietsch creates architectural 3D jewellery using both laser cutting and handcrafted techniques. Each piece she crafts is totally unique and sold all over the UK. These products are comprised of mixed media materials including resin, wood, metal and precious metals. Rosa’s jewellery pieces are visually stunning and perfect for day or night accessorising.

LITTLE MOOSE Little Moose creates quirky, unusual jewellery orders such as necklaces, brooches and earrings, each made from laser-cut materials like perspex, wood and precious metals. Designed with a desire to create unique pieces, everything is made by hand in their studio.
FASHION ENSUK HUR The ‘Wonderland’ collection is a portfolio of structural textile pieces designed to be transformed by the wearer as a custom item of clothing, or a one-off accessory that promotes sustainable design. Each piece can be put together in a variety of ways to allow the user freedom of design, and playful experimentation with different outfits both durable and multifunctional.
CM AOX CM AOX is a collaboration between German product designer, Alex Freudenberger and Swiss fashion/textile designer, Caroline Minar. This Central Saint Martins alumni duo understand what it takes to create the most coveted and contemporary fashion pieces of today. Each leather bag, smartphone case and intricate accessory is produced using modern laser cutting technology, with everything handfinished in London.
HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Send Your Artwork to be Laser Cut Professionally Develop your own laser-cut products by creating designs from home and sending them to a bespoke laser cutting studio for manufacture:
Cut Laser Cut 2b Stewarts Court 218 – 220 Stewarts Road London SW8 4UB
Dot Laser Unit 4.9. The Chandelier Building 8 Scrubs Lane Willesden, London NW10 6RB
DigiHaus 2-35 Union Street London SE1 0LR
LEARN HOW TO LASER CUT Learn creative techniques such as how to design jewellery and product patterns, how to use a laser cutter, cut out your own designs and then finish the pieces in a professional studio. You can create a unique gift or tailor this unique skill to your brand toolkit:
Morley College 61 Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7HT
Create Space London Mill Hill London NW7 4SL
London Craft Club The Create Place 29 Old Ford Road Bethnal Green E2 9PJ