Make Space
Overnight, the limits of our physical world shrunk. Commuting, for many of us, became a walk from the bed to the sofa and the kitchen table now doubles as a hot desk. In a shrunken world our space is everything.

Clean it up:
Cleaning it up can be a revelation and caring for your immediate surroundings is, by extension, caring yourself. It doesn’t have to be about aiming at minimalism, just taking care of a few of those small jobs that you have been putting off, like sweeping the leaves, unsticking that stubborn drawer or wiping condensation from the windowsills. These tiny acts are a physical reflection of the maintenance on your peace of mind. When thoughts won’t unjumble, sometimes just stopping and tidying is all it takes.

Break it down:
If it all seems a little daunting and you need some inspiration, there are websites and Apps to help you break down the work in to smaller, manageable tasks. The website Unfuck your habitat offers a fun approach to breaking free of mess, by organising jobs into “do what you can, when you can” challenges of 5, 10, 20 minutes at a time.