We all want clearer skin, whiter teeth, shinier hair, and to be our most radiant selves. There are so many beauty products designed to help improve our appearance that it can be tough knowing where to begin. In an ideal world, we’d be able to stay beautiful without the aid of synthesised chemicals, foaming agents and all that gunk we hear so much about. But never fear when Mother Nature is here! These simple but effective products will cleanse, hydrate and perk up your skin the 100% natural way.
Written by Charlotte Walsh
COCONUT OIL Okay, so coconut oil is literally everywhere right now, but with good reason. It’s one of the only oils that doesn’t turn into a trans fat when cooked. This super oil also helps control weight fluctuations, reduce sugar cravings, ease digestion, support the immune system, boost metabolism, and even manage type 2 diabetes. Now that’s a super-food and a half. Coconut oil is also a natural remedy for whitening teeth when used for oil pulling. This ancient method of maintaining oral health works by swilling oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. As if that wasn’t enough, you can even swap your antiaging creams and hair masks for coconut oil as it’s super-hydrating for your skin, hair and scalp.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR Incredibly versatile, apple cider vinegar is a great addition to your beauty cabinet. Even though it has acidic properties, unlike other vinegars it has an alkaline reaction when consumed, promoting healthier digestion and a happier you. It also works well as an alternative to balsamic salad dressing if you’re trying to eat clean! When diluted A.C.V can be applied as a facial toner, salve for sunburn (not on any open wounds) or it can be used as a natural hair rinse – especially good for soothing itchy scalp problems.
ACTIVATED CHARCOAL Activated charcoal is processed from regular charcoal either by heat or chemical reaction, and the result is a fine powder with extremely high microporosity. Charcoal’s superpower is that it’s highly efficient at absorbing toxins and deep stains. It’s also known for whitening teeth
when used as a daily toothpaste, or as an occasional whitening treatment. Did you know that charcoal can be taken as a supplement to help absorb toxins in your digestive system? Other benefits include the relief of gas and bloating, and as a prevention treatment for hangovers.
CARROT SEED OIL Extracted from carrots, this natural miracle worker won’t just help you to see in the dark. Carrot seed oil can be mixed in with moisturiser (or coconut oil) to help protect your skin from the sun – in fact it has an SPF rating of 35-40! Taking it orally as a supplement has some great benefits too. It stimulates the metabolism and circulation, helps regulate periods and can even kill intestinal worms (although hopefully you’ll never experience this problem!) Carrot seed oil will actually keep your eyes healthy too, as it stops macular degeneration.
WATER Last but not least, the most essential ingredient for your body is water. We’re taught the importance of drinking H2O from a young age. We all know how lucky we are to have easy access to it, but that doesn’t always stop the temptations of wine, beer and fizzy drinks. Drinking enough water (preferably filtered or mineral water) helps your skin stay fresh and supple, and makes sure you’re always functioning at your best. After all, dehydration causes headaches, dark circles, difficulty concentrating and a whole shopping list of other health problems. So before you grab a diet coke or head to the nearest Starbucks, ask yourself if you’ve drank enough water today.
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