Veganism isn’t just a dietary choice but a way of life, too. Last year, the vegan fashion industry soared and we’re seeing more designers step forward and ethically produce clothes and accessories. In this article, we’re exploring the most influential vegan fashion labels to come across in London.

1. People Tree

This vegan fashion label began in 1991 and their objective has stayed the same throughout this duration. Every product founded by People Tree is ethically made with high environmental standards. People Tree also put a huge emphasis on creating affordable and stylish clothes that remain respectful to people and the planet.

As such, you can expect organic cotton, hand-knit accessories, and much more. Their success hasn’t gone unnoticed as they’ve been awarded the World Fair Trade Organisation title. From their ethically-sourced products to gender equality and respectful working conditions, People Tree have a clear standpoint.

2. Miakoda

Miakoda is devoted to selling clothes and accessories that only plant-based materials that are sustained naturally and ethically. None of their garments contain animal fibres, because Miakoda is on a mission to produce comfortable and luxurious clothing that protects the planet and animals.

Amongst their collections, you’ll discover bras, cosmetic cases, hair accessories and yoga crops. Although the range isn’t huge, there main focus is on quality and comfort.

3. LaBante

LaBante came onto the scene in 2009 with the philosophy of creating a fashion label that stands by a vegan lifestyle while offering stylish collections. Unlike the above vegan fashion labels, LaBante is dedicated only to selling bags. All of their products are produced using recycled plastic bottles, though you certainly can’t tell by looking at them.

This is the store to visit if you’re looking for a laptop bag, shoulder bag, tote bag, clutch bag, and many more. Their website boasts pages of unique designs that are perfect for special occasions for running daily errands.