Social Media Campaign Services

As a local business in London, it can sometimes be extremely difficult to compete with the corporate giants, especially without a massive budget like many of the high street names. Word of Mouth Magazine is dedicated to providing its readers with monthly what’s on listings, a directory of local businesses and promotional material to drive consumers to your business and give you a unique voice in an already overcrowded London market.

In addition to our monthly issues which are held by our readers for months at a time- we also provide in addition a complete social media campaign for your business. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even blog posts.

Our experienced social media strategists are on hand to provide your business with the online exposure that you need, which is not only cost efficient but lasts far longer than traditional methods of advertising such as in weekly local newspapers. We can expose your business to our ever-growing online social media following and not only increase your brand’s awareness, but in the best of cases increase your client base.

Our strategists can provide for you an online presence and can get your message direct to your target audience so you can focus on your business.

Our followers want to support local business, and so do we.

Blogging Services

Word of Mouth Magazine’s vision is to provide an online voice for the small local businesses in and around London who are otherwise unpublicised on the inteet. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, potential consumers are only exposed to your business for the period of time you have paid for- that’s if they notice your advert. Not only do we offer an across-the-board social media presence for your business, but we also offer other forms of SEO such as blogging. Blogging services are a worthwhile marketing investment as they remain available for a lot longer, and is a cost effective way of publicising your business. And above all, at no fuss to you- so you can get on with making your business as great as it is.

In addition to the advertising in our monthly publication, which is kept on hand by our readers for months at a time, you can also have an online presence on several different websites to guarantee that you are not only seen, but represented. If your business is local, small or just starting out then our blogging services could be just what you need.

Our blog is a community and lifestyle blog dedicated to providing unique and useful content to our readers. We post about DIY projects, recipes, home improvement, and we also post about things to do in London and places to go. We can write about your work or your business and present it to a following that wants to hear about you. Our blog is the location Londoners go to when they want something new and refreshing that they might not have discovered before.

The process is simple. Tell us all you want your customer to know about you and we sort out the rest. We can give you an even further integrated online presence which won’t just encourage brand awareness, but brand equity. A substantial addition to our social media services for your brand, our blog will also promote you to their audiences.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our blogging services.