Social Media Marketing and Management

In our fast-paced digital world, time is money, and there’s no reason to sugarcoat the fact. At Word of Mouth Magazine, our sole mission is to equip your business with the tools of the trade needed to keep your online presence in the spotlight, 24/7. Social media marketing is perhaps THE most successful way to interact on the web. But to be able to influence people and leave them hungry for more means you must be able to capture their attention from the outset and maintain their interest with vibrant and relevant ongoing content.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are 3 top networking platforms to establish a strong brand identity, showcase your business and gain more valuable customers. Additional platforms that may also prove very relevant to your business include google+ and youtube, a little under utilised, these roads less travelled are an absolute must for search engine optimisation .
So let’s talk about how to make life easier for you and your business. Here at Word of Mouth Magazine, our social media marketing services are designed to transform your brand’s social campaigns and target your prospective customers effectively. From making recommendations on the channels that best suit your business to taking care of each account, our expert social media strategists enable you to focus time and energy on other important business areas that may be
otherwise overlooked.

Whether you need a helping hand with content planning for a month or 12, we have a package that will suit your business needs and a team that offers plenty of flexibility where it counts. Remember, consistency is key – if you’re not posting click-worthy content on a regular basis, you reduce your visibility
From content strategy and scheduling posts, to engaging with your brand’s fans and followers, when you choose our social media marketing services you’re investing in an business area that has the power to strengthen your online credibility for years to come. We’ll even create tailored analytics reports to help you measure results easily across all networking platforms.
For more information on how we can take over the marketing and management of your social media accounts, please email us at