Solo Picnic Article


What’s better than getting out in nature, catching some rays, and filling up on a bit of vitamin D. Bringing food along of course! With springs blooms starting to make their appearance read more on how you can make the most of the outdoors with our wonderful picnic ideas.

Forget everything you know about picnics that you learned from rom-coms, it’s not all about champagne and feeding each other strawberries. Solo picnicking is a fast-growing activity amongst people wanting to get out and enjoy nature and benefit from being outdoors. It’s as easy as packing a blanket, anything from a quick snack to a four-course meal, and setting off to enjoy what nature has to offer.

Heading out solo has a great range of benefits too, not only do you have the flexibility you, it’s a great opportunity to take a bit of me time and schedule some self-care when you’re on your adventure.

Whether it’s your first time going solo or you’re a seasoned traveler, we’re here to provide you with some great tips on getting the most out of your next outdoor experience. Read on to find out how to make the most of your picnicking experience; from what to pack to where to go, we’ve got you covered.

Are you planning a country trip or something more city central? There are so many great options for you to spread your blanket, kick back and enjoy your surroundings. Let’s run through some options.

Hiking is a great activity for getting out into nature and keeping fit. Give yourself something to look forward to by packing a blanket and snacks for the end (or middle) of your route. You don’t need to go for a grueling ascent to a summit, it might be a meander around a lake or beating the path of some well-trodden walking routes for your picnic. If you are planning something strenuous why not consider multiple stops to maximise your experience and enjoy the route.

For those looking to stay within city limits, find a local park or grassy space that fits your relaxation bill. If you’re in London, use this direct link to find your closest green space.

Beaches, for those lucky enough the get to the coast, are a fantastic place to set down your spread and take in your environment. What’s better than feeling sand between your toes on a summer’s day? For a list of the UK’s best beaches follow this link. Why not try a classic sandwich lemonade combination, laying back and enjoying the sounds of the waves lapping the shore while you soak up the sun.

Whether all-out luxury is on your agenda or something more budget-friendly we’ve got a great selection of rug suggestions for you here.

Our top tips for finding the perfect blanket, something lightweight and easy to wash means you can keep it handy and fresh every time you are ready for an adventure. Choosing something that dries quickly is a good option as if you are a bit more remote you’ll be packing everything up to carry home.
Looking to increase that leisure factor? Why not pack a couple of cushions or a blanket to accompany your rug. We all know the changeability of British weather and have been caught out once or twice. Packing something waterproof for your travel might help you to make the most of the day in the event that the weather isn’t on your side.

Let’s kick your style factor up a notch, with this selection of little extras to take your experience from starter picnicker to outdoor eating master.

It has to be said, one of the best things about a picnic is your choosing the menu. Fruits, vegetables, hummus, and dips are the stars of any picnic. Easy to carry, healthy and if you’re the picture-taking type, pretty instagram-able too! Cous-cous not only travels well in your picnic it’s also incredibly tasty cold too. Nuts are also a great option to stash in your bag or closer to hand to keep you sustained on your trek.

Although so many culinary choices are available, here are some things you might be best to leave out of your basket. Take out things your need to cut and slice as it will just add to the things you have to carry. Fish and seafood might be a favourite around the table but don’t do all too well when un-refrigerated. Another food choice that might not stand up when left in the heat, chocolate, sticky mess is never a good look.

Other than eating and enjoying the scenery, which activities have you got planned for your next outdoor sojourn? Wherever you choose to lay your rug why not pack a book and get stuck into the reading you’ve been meaning to do. Journaling is also a great activity for the solo traveler. What about taking time to get lost in your thoughts, with little to distract you might find you make some of those creative breakthroughs you’ve been after!

Some other classic activities out in nature include taking in your surroundings. Take a quiet moment to look at the wildlife you can see and hear around you. Forest bathing is another pastime growing in popularity. Find some trees and take it in, the sounds of the branches in the wind, the smell of the woodland.