The Freedom of Falconry by Sarah Jane Manarin of Coda Falconry and Bird of Prey Centre.


“How extraordinary is it to gain the trust of a raptor? Even the smallest birds of prey exude power and grace as they take to the air and soar explore the world in a way that we humans can never do.”

The Freedom of Falconry is a book written by falconry expert and award-winning businesswoman Sarah Jane Manarin. It explains the basics of falconry: the history of the sport, the equipment used, the different methods used to raise and train birds of prey and why falconers do what they do. It explores something that few falconry books do: the unique relationship between a falconer and their raptor.

Sarah Jane wrote the book from her bird of prey centre called Coda Falconry in Lee Valley Park which runs experience days, falconry courses, flying displays and rehabilitation work as well as providing birds of prey for TV, photography and film projects. We are truly blessed in that we can practice all of the traditional, rural pursuits of falconry in a largely untouched area of countryside and yet, still have direct links with London and the surrounding suburbs.

Sarah Jane says “I really hope you enjoyed getting to know falconry better and maybe we’ll see you soon at our centre!”

The Freedom of Falconry is available from Amazon or your local book store.

The Freedom of Falconry – Amazon Kindle eBook £1.99

The Freedom of Falconry – Amazon Paper Back Book (with photos) £12.99