Theresa May has walked out of the House of Commons after Jeremy Cameron tabled a motion of no confidence in her personally.

This is the second no confidence vote that Theresa May has faced in a week. The first no confidence vote was issued by her own Conservative Party and was as her as a leader.

This second no confidence vote is also against her personally and will be a vote in the House of Commons and unlike a proper motion of no confidence, the government does not have to allow time for it to be debated.

But the Labour party is arguing that, if the government does not allow time for a debate itself, that shows it is scared of losing and that May does not have the confidence of the Commons.

This is clearly an attempt to chip away at the confidence of Theresa May, weaken the conservative party herself and stregthen the labour party. And this may have worked with Theresa May picking up her bag and walking out of the House of Commons without a word.

Was Theresa May right to walk out? Or should she have stayed and fought?
Was Jeremy Corbyn right to call for the vote in no confidence or should he have challenged the government directly?