Written by Amy Poole : Photographs by Seb Oliver

South London has plenty of pretty hidden gardens and gems for the summer season. No matter where you’re based, there’s always something to do close by. Exploring the parks is completely free, but we recommend bringing your purse to enjoy an ice-cream whilst you roam these new grounds.

LONDON WETLAND CENTRE The Wetland Centre is an oasis of wildlife offering wonderful strolls among the lakes, ponds and gardens. The attached café is the perfect spot for relaxing and staying hydrated after a long day of walking. Bring the kids along too, as they will love the play areas.
There are often summer events to make the most of to educate yourself on wildlife. Or, simply enjoy the fantastic views and wildlife in a countryside environment in London. No matter the weather, there are plenty of activities to enjoy for the entire family, but for those beautiful summer days, get inspired by its wildflower meadow, garden and ponds.
CRYSTAL PALACE PARK Crystal Palace Park is a Victorian pleasure ground used for sporting events and leisure. It’s nestled in the London suburb of Crystal Palace which experienced modifications and was rebuilt after 1851. The park features full-scale models of dinosaurs lurking among the trees around the late. The phase of dinosaurs offers a scenic walk in the summer, as well as plenty to see for the children.
This is a magical park with a mixture of woodland areas and open green spaces. The small farm nearby keeps the children entertained with wildlife such as goats, sheep, rabbits and insects. There’s also an immense sandpit with swings and a slide to help you enjoy the sunny weather further.

SOUTH LONDON GALLERY The South London Gallery is one of London’s best art spaces with its own art critic. It’s open to the public and free to enter, including roaming around its beautiful gardens. These were created over two years by an artist who made a lasting impressive. They’re simply stunning to look around and a great way to relax on a hot day.
The exhibitions are inside for when it gets too hot, or to learn about the history of art. The exhibition tours are daily, or you can enjoy a free film or talk about a wide spectrum of interests and issues.
WHAT ACTIVITIES DO YOU ENJOY IN SUMMER? The three activities above are our favourites for summer in South London. It’s hard to believe that they’re hiding amongst the busy city, but it’s a great way to escape the city life and chaos. What things do you love doing in South London? Share your favourite places in the comments to inspire others.