London has it all; the scenic walkways, quirky bars, and unusual but incredible museums. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best selection of unique themes.

Unusual But Incredible Museums to Discover

1. Cartoon Museum

We’re starting this article with one of the most creative museums London has to offer. The Cartoon Museum speaks the language of cartoons and comics throughout all rooms. During your time here, you’ll discover events, exhibitions and workshops all centered around conserving Britain’s cartoon industry.

Visitors have the opportunity to participate in stimulating workshops to learn about the history of cartoons, and even get involved as many writers and professional artists attend.

2. British Dental Associate Dental Museum

If you’re scared of the dentist, you might be hesitant to visit the British Dental Associate Dental Museum. But, this museum provides an educational outlet for the dental industry. During your visit here, you’ll encounter various collections of dental objects from the 17th century to today.

In total, the museum holds 30,000 dental items including cleaning products, dentures, dental chairs, drills, photographs, equipment and more.

3. The Crime Museum

If you love thrillers and crimes, you’ll love The Crime Museum. You can easily spend several hours here getting immersed in collections of evidence from past crimes. There’s nowhere else you can witness evidence of cases. You’ll see a range of evidence from counterfeit money and drink cans used for smuggling drugs into prison to execution ropes.

4. London Sewing Machine Museum

The adventure begins outside the museum where you’re met with a huge warehouse with an old sewing machine on display inside. Until you spot the directions to head upstairs to the museum, you’ll believe you’re in the wrong place.

The museum is perfectly presented with sewing machines and the history and facts about the industry. There’s even rooms set up to replicate stores from the past. Amongst your time here, you’ll see some of the most expensive machines in the world with an insightful history of each one.

5. The Cinema Museum

Finally, The Cinema Museum is another unusual but incredible museum to discover. It’s dedicated to keeping the spirit of cinema alive. Get transported back cinema before the digital age influenced how we watch movies. Expect old cinema posters, antique cinema furniture, staff uniforms, cinema snacks, and rooms designed to honestly portray cinema throughout the years. Bear in mind that you can only visit The Cinema Museum as part of a guided tour or for attending events.