In the words of Tom Petty: “….it’s Christmas, all over again…..” And what better place to enjoy the festive season than in London? The concept of Christmas being on the 25th December was first mentioned by Roman Emperor Constantine in 336 AD, and since then it’s snowballed….. if you’ll pardon the pun. So, we’ve had a lot of time to build up our Christmas traditions and learn how to artfully decorate the tree!
With every passing year Christmas gets bigger and bigger as a celebration and becomes more and more inclusive of the whole of our wonderful, multifaith, multi-cultural society. No matter what your religious denomination, Christmas envelopes us all. And some of the best things about being in London over this holly-wreathed, tinsel-covered time takes place on its very streets. Roasted chestnuts, artisanal stalls, open air ice rinks (for the brave!) and of course the Christmas pop-up markets where you can find a gift for just about anyone.
If it’s family fun that you’re after, you can check out Santa’s grottos that are dotted around the capital and see the spectacle of Christmas lights being switched on. Plus, it’s worth heading over to the Southbank Winter Festival. There’s a wide spread of entertainment including magical fairy lights, craft corners for children, festive family Christmas shows, and some of the best seasonal street food around. Plus, mulled wine for the adults.
Cheers everyone! And a merry Christmas to all. X Sarah Haynes Guest Editor Word of Mouth Magazine
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