It’s hard to believe that we’re almost into the fifth month of the year – but Spring really has firmly arrived on our doorsteps. If it’s not the recent beautiful weather that’s reminding us the seasons have switched, it’s the re-emergence of tasteful pavement tables and chairs and the swimwear creeping into shop fronts everywhere. So, what’s to look forward to in Spring? Lots of us will feel a bit more positive as the winter gloom truly fades away, so why not harness this new energy and try out a different fitness class from your usual one? The beach body season is approaching, after all………. Or perhaps just getting out and getting some fresh air is more your style. In which case we have a handy feature on p.27 all about getting walks out of London. Or if you fancy flitting further, then skip to our piece on the Shetland Island of Unst – the most northernmost of everything in the UK and a world away from the lights of London.
Spring is all about new life emerging, lighter mornings and longer evenings, so perfect for a visit to a farm to see the lambs, or for a picnic to enjoy the leftover Easter eggs (if you have any!). The balmy days are approaching so it’s time to freshen up and prepare for the warmer months – the summer will be upon us before we know it! X
Sarah Haynes Guest Editor Word of Mouth Magazine
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